Work Shop #1: What Do I Believe?

Introduction to What Do I Believe:

The Simple Path begins with a few questions:

  • What teachings of spirituality or philosophy are your core beliefs that you either are sure are true, or are at least willing to explore more carefully?
  • What are the most important doubts or unanswered questions you have?
  • What teachings have you heard that you either do not understand or feel may not true?

The answers you develop to these questions will help you and your teacher develop an approach to meditation that both honors your core beliefs and the unanswered questions you have.  The key to this process is that you apply high standards of honesty, sincerity, and personal integrity as you craft your answers.

In keeping with the open-minded format of the Simple Path I developed three versions of Work Shop #1:


Work Shop # 1 For those who believe in God
Work Shop # 1 For those who do not believe in God
Work Shop # 1 For those who are not sure what to believe