Work Shop #1: For Those That Do Not Believe in God


In keeping with this open-minded approach of the Simple Path I have developed 3 versions of Work Shop #1. This version is for those that do not believe in God.

You can go return to the Introduction to Work Shop #1 to select one of the other versions should another choice be better suited to your beliefs.

Please write out your answers in the spaces below and send them to me. I would be glad to provide insights and suggestions about how to adapt the meditation practices Simple Path to your search. Please be aware that there is no covert agenda to somehow nudge you into a belief that God does exist.

pdf_versionIf you prefer, you can download a PDF of these questions and type or write the answers out in hard copy

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It may be helpful to know that Vipassana Buddhists do not believe in God. What they do believe is that Enlightenment or Nirvana is possible in this life. Many Zen Buddhists have similar views. Secular Humanists also do not believe in God but they are interested in the further development of human potential. I feel these comments are helpful because they suggest very creative ways people who do not believe in God can still explore the great benefits of silent meditation.

Workshop Questions

    1) Do you believe that exalted and beautiful experiences such as Enlightenment or Nirvana or Peak Experiences are possible in this life?

    2) Do you believe that states of experience such as Enlightenment or Nirvana or Peak Experiences are possible for you?

    3) Do you believe that all of life is more or less random without meaning or purpose other than the meaning or purpose we are free to create?

    4) People in many societies feel that God provided commandments and laws as the basis for their moral code and system of justice. As you do not believe in God what is the general concept that serves as the foundation of your views with regards to morality, ethics, and justice?

    5) Or do you feel that moral and ethical codes are simply useful fabrications humans have developed to limit the violence and mayhem that would result if there were no moral codes or laws?

    6) Do you feel that all human love is merely a biochemically triggered emotion that has no real basis other than to drive men and women to fall in love, have sex, and thereby perpetuate the species and raise families and support the clan?

    7) Or do you feel there is something more to love than mere biology and instinctive expediency?

    8) Physicists have developed models of the Big Bang to explain the formation of the universe. The more experienced Physicists admit this is no real explanation because it does not explain the source of the mass and energy that exploded in the Big Bang.

    9) What do you feel is the origin of the universe?

    10) Do you feel the universe is some vast place of galaxies and planets and the like but without any real form or mind or awareness at the core? Or do you feel there is some form of mind, or life, or awareness that is the foundation of all existence?

    11) Do you not believe in God at all, or is it more that you do not believe in any of the versions of God you have heard from various religions?

    12) Do you not believe in God at all, or are you just so disgusted with the hypocrisy of many religious people that you don’t even want to think about the subject?

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    When you complete your answers please send them to me or call. I will be glad to give you helpful and supportive insights as to how you can adapt the Simple Path to your chosen beliefs.

    Please feel free to email or call with any questions.    978-368-3294

    Or if you downloaded the PDF of these questions and typed or write out your answers in hard copy you can them to me in hard copy to me for feedback.

    Please mail to: Will Raymond  PO 1725 Clinton MA 01510.

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