Work Shop #2: The Anger List Introduction


This Work Shop supports the work of Chapter 6 “Affirmation” in the Simple Path of Holiness.

This Work Shop is about making a list of people you love, those you like, those with whom you have minor conflicts, and those towards whom you harbor a strong resentment or intense dislike.

In this approach you do not need to forgive anyone you do not wish to. For now it is enough to know who it is you love, and who it is you really are angry with. That work can be considered at a later time.

Improving the quality of love you offer to yourself and those you love will generate great momentum for your practice and good quality experiences of peace in your meditations.

For those people towards whom you have a strong resentment, it is enough to know who they are. It is enough to know you do not want to love or forgive them at all.  Just this simple knowledge is an excellent way to increase mindful awareness. Writing out their names is a good small step.

When you are ready and only when you are ready you can proceed to go deeper into the practice.

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Will Raymond

Work Shop # 2 The Anger List