Work Shop #3: The Fear List Introduction


The task of the Work Shop #3 is to write out a list of any and all fears you have. As you review your “Fear List”, you can begin to consider the best ways to diminish fear in your life.

Chapter 8 of the Simple Path, “Fear and Practical Skills” offers a wide range of problem solving skills. Learning better practical problem solving skills will help you resolve difficult challenges and threats in your personal life. As problems are resolved this will diminish fear.

Chapter 9 “Faith and Fear – Parts 1 & 2 offers a wide ranging set of reflections about the role faith can play in the overall efforts to diminish fear at depth.

To be sure the reflections on faith in Chapter 9 are also written so they can be adapted to your current beliefs whether you believe in God or not or are not sure one way or the other. If you read pages 127 to 136 in the Simple Path you will see what I mean.

If you can diminish fear at depth, it will be much easier to also diminish anger.

If you can diminish fear at depth in a sensible and gradual way the search for the deepest experiences of peace will be well underway.

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Will Raymond

Work Shop # 3 The Fear List