Work Shop #3: The Fear List

The task of Work Shop #3 is to write out a list of any and all fears you have. As you review your “Fear List”, you can draw upon the insights of Chapters 8 & 9 to help diminish fear in your life.

What is important at this stage of the process is to not jump into the process of figuring out how to deal with specific problems and fears in your life. That work will follow.

For now it is enough to write out the list of any small and great fears you have, and to do so in a matter-of-fact kind of way. As if to say, “No big deal, here is the list of my fears.”

Please provide your answers in the spaces provided below.

pdf_versionIf you prefer, you can download a PDF of these questions and type or write the answers out in hard copy

Workshop Questions

    1) With regards to personal finances in the near or medium term do you have any general or specific fears and anxieties?

    2) With regards to seeking a committed relationship or in regard to your present committed love relationship you have what fears or concerns do you have?

    3) With regards to your job or your search for employment what general or specific fears do you have?

    4) With regards to problems of crime and violence in your society what fears do you have?

    5) With regards to the larger questions of what is happening in your country what fears do you have about whether your country is heading in a good direction or perhaps a very bad one?

    6) With regards to your physical health are there any fears you have?

    7) With regards to your thoughts of old age and possible infirmities of old age and your death what fears do you have?

    8) If you have any children, do you have any fears about some of the troubles they may be experiencing?

    9) If you tend to believe in Final Judgment and Eternal damnation, what fears do you have that you will be condemned to hell? Are any such fears occasional or somewhat commonly present?

    10) If you tend to believe in reincarnation what fears do you have about being born into a more painful life condition?

    11) Do you have any general fears that you will never experience any real peace in this life?

    12) Are you concerned that you will never really be able to figure out a good understanding about the deeper questions of life and truth?

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    When you complete your answers please send them to me or call. I will be glad to give you helpful and supportive insights as to how you can adapt the Simple Path to your chosen beliefs.

    Please feel free to email or call with any questions.   978-368-3294

    Or if you downloaded the PDF of these questions and typed or write out your answers in hard copy you can them to me in hard copy to me for feedback.

    Please mail to: Will Raymond  PO 1725 Clinton MA 01510.

    I just suggest that you save a copy for your records.


    Will Raymond

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