A New Way To Teach
Meditation Part 9

8 weeks ago I began this series, “A New Way to Teach Meditation”. Please see at least one or two of the earlier posts for more background. (The archive of earlier posts can be found on the lower right hand corner of the home page).

For a brief summary of what has been offered so far:

This new approach to teaching meditation accommodates a much wider range of beliefs than most other approaches to meditation. This approach works just as well for those who believe in God, those who do not, and those who are just plain confused.

But the only way this open minded, interfaith, and pluralistic can work and be credible, is if you apply to your studies the best standards you reasonably can with rigorous honesty, personal integrity, intellectual clarity, human decency, warmth, and love.

Over the past few weeks I have highlighted specific ways to apply these high standards of rigorous honesty and clarity to your studies and your life. As mentioned in earlier posts, I am going to convert this series of posts into an online course for people who aspire to teach meditation. For now, as I get ready to wrap up this series of posts, I want to offer a few general remarks.

One of the great contributions of Hindu and Taoist traditions to world culture has been their emphasis on yoga & T’ai Chi.

These forms of sacred exercise can be invaluable supports to meditation practice. In particular either one of these forms of exercises can be of real help as you make the transition from the tasks and responsibilities of modern daily life to get ready for times of silent meditation.

Either one can help you restore the natural flow of blood and energy throughout the body that may have been disrupted by stresses of the normal work environment. Also they can help you restore a sense of rhythmic breathing.

However, as I have found with yoga in particular, it is easy to over do it. I recently did this and ended up in a hospital bed for several days with muscle spasms in my lower back that still have not properly healed.

For this reason this post will be a bit shorter than most.

But in general please remember, “Easy does it” is a good theme to keep in mind with any effort to get the body into healthier shape.



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